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    Many thanks for signing up to the TimelessTime Manager’s Forum.

    You’re obviously someone who might have something of quality to say about the host of subjects that generally fall under ‘people management’. Or, you have an interest in finding out what others have to say. Whatever your reason for joining this community - welcome!

    Generally, there’s nowhere for managers to go to get help. There’s a host of stuff on the internet. But it’s that – just stuff. Unless you’re to study hard, you never find out how valid the information is and how it might be applied in real people-management scenarios.

    By providing a forum, we aim to develop a community with a special interest in people management. We’ll keep an eye on what’s being posted and might from time to time add comment. Otherwise, it’s an open forum and it operates just like any other.

    You can either start a post for other members to respond to or you can read the threads that exist and add comment to those. And whenever someone adds to the forum, you’ll get an email inviting you to log in and read what’s new. The aim is enhanced knowledge for all through sharing.

    Whilst it would be good if you would give some information about yourself in the ‘members’ area, you can keep your identity to a minimum. We won’t divulge anyone’s email and company. And the forum is covered by our privacy policy.

    There are no specific rules, other than the normal expectation that everyone will strive to get along.

    And finally, we at TimelessTime are management consultants. We’d be delighted if you’d think about us if you need any specific help with HR, OD and other people-management projects and issues.
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